"Are manual ticketing, schedule change, and admin tasks taking up too much of your day?"

Introducing Amadeus Automation Suite, a bundle of three productivity boosting modules:
Ticketing Manager, Schedule Manager, and Queue Cleaner.

Try it for yourself and discover the time you never knew you had.

  1. Streamline your processes

    We’ve developed Automation Suite with you, for you.
    This means that you can be in complete control of those complex, time-consuming tasks with our fully-customisable, easily configurable solutions.
    Compatible with all our front-office systems, Automation Suite fits seamlessly into your processes and even allows 3rd party data integration for mid and back office applications.
    Perfect for your go-getting agency.

  2. Connect with your customers

    Give your customers a reason to be cheerful with our automated, customised alerts.
    With Automation Suite, you can reach out to customers when it matters with timely, personalised notifications from our schedule change module.
    The module will check and update every Passenger Name Record (PNR), recognising the change type and sending notifications, freeing up your time and resources.
    Quick and clever.

  3. Work a whole lot smarter

    Automation Suite works for you 24/7 – so there’s no more pressure to catch up on the morning’s airline changes and ticketing admin.  
    The Suite’s a team player: Schedule Manager informs your customers, Queue Cleaner updates the booking and Ticketing Manager issues the tickets, leaving you and your staff to get on with what you do best:  
    Great service on the big jobs.

The best things in life come in threes.

multiple bookings

Ticketing Manager

All your straightforward ticketing tasks are taken care of

Enables the automation of ticket issuance and the sending of traveller documentation if required
Performs basic booking quality checks before ticket issue and then issues the tickets to your own configuration
Processes partially ticketed bookings with automated Stored Fares (Transitional Stored Tickets or TSTs)
Automatically sends notification of any technical or ticketing failures to configured email contacts

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while schedule

affecting your bookings
are modified automatically

Schedule Manager

Connect with your customers more effectively

Analyses schedule changes affecting bookings on Queue 1 and prioritises required actions according to your set parameters Automatically processes and notifies travellers of minor changes and provides travel documentation

Adds relevant remarks, referring to the reason for processing

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through your
queue cleaning

Queue Cleaning

No more mornings spent endlessly updating bookings after overnight airline changes

Analyses the GDS Air content of your bookings (air segment and SSR status) on Queue 1 (Categories 0, 1 & 6) by the airlines
Cleans and updates bookings from queue 1 (C0, 1 & 6) as per your configuration
Adds relevant remarks, referring to the reason sent to a manual processing queue

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Discover the time you never knew you had

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Key Benefits


Amadeus Automation Suite helps reduce and control costs, increase quality, and boost productivity, letting you focus on customer service and revenue-generating activities.

Save time and resources on repetitive tasks
Ensure quality with automated checks to streamline business processes
Provide data consistency for mid and back office
Deliver highly valued services to your customers
Reduce overheads by eliminating the cost of technology maintenance and management
Increase productivity for ticket and document issuance

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