Let technology make you stand out.Give your IT the competitive edge, unleash your data and get closer to
your customers.

There’s no escaping the role that technology plays in 21st century business success.
Sometimes though, the pace of change, the industry jargon and the sheer range of options are enough to make you want to go back to the ‘good old days’ when life was simpler. But because time travel isn’t an option, we have a much better solution.

You probably recognise Amadeus as the world’s number one global distribution system used by tens of thousands of travel professionals in almost 200 markets. But our technology know-how is so much more. Our consultancy experts can turn your entire IT investment from a cost centre into a true value creator.


come in many
shapes and sizes

No two briefs are the same


Helps you modernise your approach to IT, ready for the travel industry of tomorrow
Project manages to deliver a new idea or add value to in-house development
Or gets the most from the processes, channels and tools currently in use
Delivers bespoke training or workshops around a particular topic
Analyses data to steer your business

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how you

A Typical Approach

• A kick off to identify and understand pain points / issues / challenges
Ground work and analysis by Amadeus
Presentation of the results is then shared
to all

The first step aims at really understanding what drives your business; getting under the skin your challenges and constraints. We’ll always start with what you have in place – your existing infrastructure – and how it can be used it its full potential.

The ground work can take many forms. This could involve observation, time and motion studies, process mapping, technical audits, industry benchmarking, workshops with key stakeholders and end users.

We'll then provide neutral, professional advice and recommendations with practical tips and guidelines.  This can include process improvements, product usage enhancements, new product implementation or entirely customised solutions.   We can work with you to deliver the whole project or just provide the framework for you to make it happen.

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strategic growth

How We Work:


Many travel agents have already got perfectly good technology in their businesses but are failing to use it to its full potential.

This is the starting point to a Strategic Growth Assessment, the new consultancy approach offered by Amadeus.

Our role isn’t just to recommend how to use Amadeus products more effectively but also to recommend other third-party solutions and add value to in-house development.

No two cases are the same but typically we conduct a 3 stage process:

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Stage 1

Learning, intelligence gathering and benchmarking -

including an impartial, in-depth technology audit looking at existing IT infrastructure: to understand what you already have and if it’s being used to its full capability

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Stage 2

Onsite missions, interviews and the shadowing of travel consultants  -

spending time “on the shop floor” to see how your systems and processes translate into the real customer experience.

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Stage 3

Delivery of Mission Report with findings, recommendations and road maps  -

suggestions on how to embrace your tech and organise data better, along with enhancing workflows, education and training, and sharing best practice.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to help you understand the technology that can broaden your product offering and increase revenue streams -

to give you a competitive advantage and guide you through emerging trends like mobile app technology, inspirational search and traveller tracking.

The benefits to your business are fivefold:

  • Streamline your processes for better efficiencies
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost revenues
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Industrialise your customer service

Amadeus UK conducts more travel agency migrations than any other company. Based on feedback in 2014/15, 89% of respondents would recommend an Amadeus migration to a colleague and 100% rated Amadeus’ service during implementation as very good to excellent.

If you want to be agile, boost customer intimacy, control costs and diversify your revenues while featuring the best of you, then Amadeus IT Consulting and Solutions is the right match for your business.

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Our People:

Claire Harper

Hello, my name is Claire Harper and I’m a Senior Business Consultant working in the Commercial Team at Amadeus UK.

I work with the biggest names in the TMC world and some of the world’s largest corporations, offering tailored consultancy and integration services for their corporate solutions. With our experience of working with thousands of corporations globally we’ll quickly identify the solutions that are right for your business and where you want to go.

Claire Harper, Senior Business Consultant

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John Prentice

What you may not know is that we also offer Web Services that are the building blocks to a successful travel business that is uniquely yours.

These allow you to integrate travel-related functionalities into any application like booking engines, travel agency front-office or robotic tools.  We also help grow revenues and customer satisfaction with best in class tools for the online and mobile channels. (After all, we’re the powerhouse behind some of the biggest names in travel.) Talk to me about where you want your business to go and we’ll help you find the technology to get you there.

John Prentice, Senior Consulting Manager

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Nicola Long

Hi, I’m Nicola Long and I’m a Business & Functional Analyst working in the Development and Technical Team at Amadeus UK.

My role is to support our commercial partnership with customers by identifying key business needs and areas where your processes and functionality could be improved. Working closely with the Amadeus Commercial Account Management team I can help to drive the coordination and implementation of any recommendations you choose to adopt.

Nicola Long, Business & Functional Analyst

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Sarah Barton

Hello, my name is Sarah Barton and I am a Functional Account Manager in the Commercial Team.

I work closely with our leisure customers to find ways to enhance their efficiency, make them more productive and drive future revenues. One of my objectives is to assist with change management and the adoption of chosen solutions. Share your business strategy with us and we will use our experience to help you achieve your goals.

Sarah Barton, Functional Account Manager – Leisure

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Partner with Amadeus and be the best you can be.