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Amadeus Ticket Changer is an entirely automated suite of products that allows you to efficiently manage your customers’ change requests in a matter of minutes. Whether re-pricing, re-issuing or refunding a ticket or itinerary – Amadeus Ticket Changer does all the work for you – helping you to focus on providing your customers with an exceptional service.

Put on your Ticket Changer cape and truly fly through those tricky fare re-calculations and time-consuming ticket reissues and refunds. No more being Clark Kent hiding in the wings.

saves the day
with immediate
guaranteed results

Super Speed:

Amadeus Ticket Changer validates voluntary change and penalty rule data to process ticket changes in less than a minute

Transform a previously time-consuming and complex process and save up to an impressive 25 minutes per reissued ticket. Amadeus Ticket Changer is a fully automated solution that uses voluntary change and penalty fare rule data to process ticket changes in less than a minute. This means a reissue can be completed in 4 simple steps and allows you to benefit from the same time-saving process for all participating airlines, guaranteed.

Be faster than a speeding bullet!

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through admin
in short simple steps


Amadeus Ticket Changer lets you fly through your ticket administration – reissue in four simple steps and refund in just two

Deflect the time consuming side effects of ‘Manual Reissue Kryptonite’. Instead use your newfound superpowers to shorten reissues into just 4 steps with Amadeus Ticket Changer: (Re-book>Re-price>Prepare Documents> Issue), compared to up to 14 steps for manual reissues.

Fly even faster with Ticket Changer Refunds.  In 2 simple steps,  Amadeus Ticket Changer Refunds can cut the time spent on calculating and processing a refund from 15-30 minutes down to less than a minute. Amadeus Ticket Changer Refunds calculates any amounts due back automatically in seconds, so you just need to confirm the transaction in a simple second step.

Kapow! Take that, time-consuming Manual Refund!

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enough to handle
complex changes


Only Amadeus gives you the power to guarantee ticket reissues on over 100 airlines and handle multi passenger type changes all at once (as many times as you need to)

Having the flexibility to modify flights and itineraries is essential for travellers today, not just superheroes! Amadeus Ticket Changer calculates all kinds of itinerary modifications, including the date, flight, and routing, and processes all types of tickets and fares, before and after departure.

Leaping over the tallest of orders in a single bound!

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your business


Uncover lucrative service fee opportunities by using Amadeus Ticket Changer to efficiently manage your re-ticketing needs with confidence.

Today, customers are well aware that nothing comes without a cost, least of all ticket changes. Capitalise on this opportunity by charging a service fee per change and watch your revenues grow. Given that approximately 10% of tickets are changed at least once, Amadeus Ticket Changer can be hugely profitable for you.

See how Amadeus Ticket Changer can also help you to retain your customers by providing them with a service previously offered mainly by airlines.

Use your newfound x-ray vision and see your bottom line grow!

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Training materials:

User Guides

A comprehensive Amadeus Ticket Changer User guide is available for download via the ‘Reference Materials’ tab in the ‘Learning’ section of Amadeus e-Support

To sign in to the Amadeus e-Support Learning pages

Click here

If you do not have access rights to e-Support please contact your local Amadeus administrator

Virtual Training (Trainer Led)

Virtual training is available free of charge for Amadeus customers. Course content, schedules and availability for Amadeus Ticket Changer can all be found under the ‘Learning’ tab on e-Support.

To sign in to the Amadeus e-Support Learning pages

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If you do not have access rights to e-Support please contact your local Amadeus administrator

Instructions on navigating the training pages on Amadeus e-Support are available if required



Self-Paced Training

You can also learn how to use Amadeus Ticket Changer under your own steam through our Amadeus e-learning site. A self-paced course entitled Amadeus Ticket Changer (Command Page) is available as well. Enrolment for self-paced training is managed via the site e-learning itself.

To sign in to the Amadeus e-learning

Click here Alternatively the e-learning site can also be accessed directly from the training tab on Amadeus e-Support.

After signing in, type the course name into the search box option in the top left hand corner of the Amadeus e-learning home page to go directly to the Amadeus Ticket Changer (Command Page) enrolment page.

If you don’t already have a login created for Amadeus e-learning then this can be requested by completing the following:

Request a login for Amadeus

Please note that it can take up to 7 days for a new Amadeus e-learning sign in to be created. An email notification will be sent to directly to you using the email address you provide in the request once created.

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